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Trust your Local Pool Professional, and Shop On-Line!
Trust your Local Pool Professional, and Shop On-Line!

My Local Pool Shop was created in March 2011. Its goal? To provide small local pool shops the means to operate and maintain their own on-line pool shop. In most cases, a local pool shop would never have time to attend to their own on-line presence, particularly in the season!

This was all part of the general retail moves toward what became known as "omni-channelling". Omni-channel retailers use the interplay between a customer's in-store and on-line experiences, to increase their overall retail sales.

Usually, the actual sale is made in the store, rather than on-line.

Regrettably, major suppliers to the retail pool shop industry could not understand this.

They wrongly characterised on-line selling as betraying a vendor's responsibility to customers. They played on the fears of smaller retailers, wrongly claiming it would inevitably destroy retailers' margins. Such suppliers pilloried retailers who were selling on-line.

The evolution of retailing continues, and newer, more efficient retail business models are needed, especially in a pool shop with it's high peak demand. My Local Pool Shop will help this transition.

My Local Pool Shop, in its original form, ceased selling on line in August, 2018.

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